An attempt to start a CID37 phone containing working firmware in a recovery mode will fail. Added Write to security zone for CID An attempt to start a CID37 phone containing working firmware in a recovery mode will fail. Throughout last 4 years nobody else was able to manage it. Slightly increased verbosity of GDFS access initialization error handling code.

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Ancient history

Should fix the Sending applet problem. D98, D99, other TSD: Minor changes to EROM area flashing code.

An error message might have been displayed when no error occurred. Fixed an issue with flashing R If phone doesn’t power on Stuck on Nokia logo, or completly deadyou can now dump full RPL file in order to Full Erase your phone and revive it.

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A, Win998, D, D, other Doro: Fixed a bug in reset life-timer functionality. Flash file format modified. D, D, other Dopodo: A, W, other SongLive: K, K, K, other Kedaq: In this version it has to be flashed via TP.


Anyway, this is the fastest way of unlocking these phones available on the market. It automatically looks for proper firmware restoral file and flashes it to the phone. W new HW testpoint picture updated.

E, E, E, other Kinlong: User manual in PDF file format released. Philips, K CID testpoint released.

Some built-in customizations were updated. Fixed a bug regarding Create file package option. A, B, M99, S, other Tiger: E3, M1, V2, other Platinium: Available free space is now displayed before writing user files to the phone.

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E90, E97, E98, other KTech: Swedish language strings updated again. V70, V71, other T-Mobile: Several communication scripts updated. Sin98 to brown CID36 requires phone analysis performed. W new HW testpoint picture updated.

Now it is possible to specify which recovery applet for which CID to use when booting the phone. C, K, K, K, other Vimaxx: Microsoft Lumia WP8. Added support for reading flash from Z Added support for backup of radio calibration zone of new Uavelin phones. This is done automaticcly.