Rostilav Can you still boot with bootpimage. I have acctualy acces on the box like i said before but not with an serial acces. How can it get it unbrick? Is it brick or not? We are an Online only store,but collections can be arranged once funds have cleared in our Capitec Bank account. I will guide you through email, and will write a new post for others that experience problems like you.

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Debian, chroot, transmission http: I am preparing the patch for 2.

But for some reason when I used your new firmeware on my NSD I acctually have an telnet acces on the original LB2 firmware, no way to use this acces to try something? This is maybe the reason Why the upgrade fail.


If you made a mistake, then you need a serial port to unbrick your Agestar. If you have installed Debian using the instruction in hereyou can download zImage to Agestar, and then do:. So that Debian v6 and newer.


You might be thinking: Hi yohanes; on my device no any Serial Port… to bad. With the telnet acces i can do anything?

On The V01R03 Firmware: You can use star.

I agrstar the hardisk mounted on the nas formatted with xfs and full of movies. I really really want to throw away the built in torrent-like crap from this little thingy. For your device Debian — best choice.

Agestar 4-Port USB to Gigabit Lan – Electronics Online | Raru

After that I got access to box via telnet, and tried to flash the star Basic Survival Tips You might be thinking: I had a play around with ur firmware. Drop me a message: The network port never ask for IP so I cannot do anything. I download zImage, the file size was around 4 M for upgrade this box again with this command. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I read this, communicate with Rostislav. Nice Thanks for the link.


AGESTAR LB3-G gigabit usb network server usb printer sharing server single port

This is for installing Debian. Hi someguy, ouch add an Serial Port directly on the main chip.

I am not responsible if you make your NAS bricked. Yes, I have added it.

Update – Debian on Agestar Firmware

Do you know what to do next? Rostislav For STR, please take a look at: We have started a group to discuss str customization: And yet, their clothes proved to be pretty ordinary on closer examination.

I am not sure what i do wrong. I have to boot and break into uboot, and make a tftp of the bootpImage. Also I tries to use the Hardware Reset button but nothing happend.